With Elegancia Tropical, Bomba Estéreo Reach Top Level

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Imagine a growing entity that keeps building on its past success and continues to flourish while formulating more original repertoire.

That’s precisely the case with Colombian electro-tropical band Bomba Estéreo, who accomplished that with their most recent release titled Elegancia Tropical (Tropical Elegance). The 11-track album is now available, and it’s quite the treat for any music goer.

Elegancia Tropical features more electro-tropical pieces, which Bomba Estéreo is popular for. They achieve stardom at doing it, and this album legitimately cements their unique brand as the best within this element of music. It’s superb.

The opening track titled “Bosque,” for example, serves as the ideal opener. It’s catchy, futuristic and, more than anything, it resembles this space-like escapade for the listener.

“Bailar Conmigo,” “Sintiendo” and “Rocas” figure to be solid tracks in what they bring: an experience like no other in the spectrum classified as electro-pop. Each song appears to carry a distinctive feel of tropical music within. “Bailar Conmigo” sports the cumbia, “Sintiendo” contains a Haitian-like, funk sound filled with an enriching bass and hip hop-type lyrics and vocals from the incomparable Liliana Saumet, and “Rocas” featuring Bnegao has a Caribbean-rap aspect along with an electronic beat accompanied by percussion.

However, the obvious must-listen to tunes are “Pure Love” and “Pájaros.” In “Pájaros,” it appears that the group is paying some type of tribute to birds. The song itself touches upon what birds do in terms of singing. The lead sound of “”Pájaros” takes you on a brief stint to the amazons; very forestry.

Right off the bat, “Pure Love” ignites an itch to dance; this is essential for electro music.

“Pure love, pure love es lo que traigo yo. De Colombia hasta Argentina, de Parìs a Nueva York. To’ el mundo lo que quiere es one love, one love. Como dice Bob Marley: one love, one love. Como Lennon y McCartney: all you need is love,” sings Saumet. And it sounds amazingly refreshing!

As “Pure Love” progresses, there’s a raspy beat along the basis of a rave. This particular instance seems as if it were the central focus of an outdoor EDM festival. I’ve never heard anything like it, but I believe this is where the genre’s headed. Bomba Estéreo will lead the way; the rest in the industry will follow.

Saumet leads the way with vocals, but Kike Egurrola, Simón Mejía and Julián Salazar are what make Bomba Estéreo a complete and accomplished act. In Elegancia Tropical, they all feed off each other to cultivate a brilliant production for electro music.


Bomba Estéreo
Elegancia Tropical
Soundway Records

4 stars

Music albums are rated on a scale of 4 stars (exceptional), 3 stars (solid), 2 stars (average) and 1 star (unworthy).

Marvin Vasquez is a Senior Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle, entertainment and sports. Follow him on Twitter: @geo_la
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