Weekly Wrap Up: George Clooney is Officially off the Market!

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Here is your weekly wrap up of everything going down in Hollywood. From the worlds most infamous bachelor being off the market to the LA Clippers owner getting busted sharing his inner monologue aloud. Here’s to what went down this week!


He’s dashing, handsome, political, and the long standing crush of many women. He’s one of the most notorious bachelors that many have failed to tame. Ladies, George Clooney is officially off the market! Clooney popped the question to British attorney Amal Alamuddin. Her firm has even confirmed it putting out an official congratulatory note in the press. He’s professed aloud that he would never marry again, and that it wasn’t for him. Apparently Alamuddin sprinkled some fairy dust and broke the streak. Wonder if it has anything to do with his most recent ex Stacy Keibler getting married and expecting!


Director Nick Cassavetes latest film The Other Woman has soared to the top knocking Captain America: The Winter Soldier out of the No. 1 spot. Taking in a whopping $24.7 million this weekend and exceeding studio expectations. Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and model Kate Upton, star as the wife and two mistresses to a triple crossing man, figuring out how to get even with the ultimate payback. The cheating husband is played by Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Costar-Waldau. For all you music fans, Nicki Minaj also co-stars.


Where to even start with this one. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged private conversation with his girlfriend was released on TMZ.com this past Saturday. Sterling was having a heated discussion with his girlfriend V. Staviano, who is half Mexican and half Black, urging her to no longer post images of black people on her Instagram page. His racist rant continued, saying that she also not bring any black people to the games with her.

The NAACP planned to honor Sterling with a Lifetime Achievement award during their upcoming May banquet, which needless to say has been revoked. No stranger to controversy, he has been in trouble in past years for racial misconduct including a lawsuit in 2009 where he was ordered to pay $2.73 million for discriminatory practices happening in the apartment buildings he owns. Receiving condemnation from the President, and about every other institution out there, this will be an interesting story that will continue to unfold.


Game of Thrones weekly recap time! So we officially know that Lady Tyrell and Little-finger were in cahoots to take down Joffrey! What a coup for the two. How slick is Grams?!

Until next week, stay tuned!!

Ariel Paredes is a Contributing Writer for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment. Follow her on Twitter: @RELworld
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