The Weekly Wrap Up: Music, Movies and TV

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Here is your weekly wrap up of everything going down in Hollywood. Deals being made and contracts broken are just a part of the daily grind in LaLa land. From music festivals to Dave Letterman’s replacement, and director Byran Singer, et’s see what went down this week!


Celebrities and hipsters galore flocked to the desert for the annual two weekend Coachella music festival in Indio, CA. In their fifteenth year, the festival has grown to massive proportions with food trucks, pool parties, swag suites, and of course music.

This year was chock full of reunions and surprise guests. Beyonce stunned the audience by jumping on stage to join her sister Solange during her performance. Not to be outdone, her husband Jay Z shocked fans by coming out during Nas’s performance. A true showing that they had genuinely ended their feud that took place over a decade ago. Diddy also came out during “Hate me now” which made the crowd go wild.

However, one of the most anticipated performances was Outkast, who reunited after an eight year hiatus. It was a bit rocky during weekend one, and they had to cut their set short. They weren’t able to sing their last song due to running over the time limit, which left the audiences a little flummoxed. Chemistry might have been a bit off, but kudos to coming back together and giving fans what they have been asking for over years!

If you missed the festival these past two weekends, don’t fret, you can get coverage just about anywhere and plan your trip for next year!.


Big movie news shaking up tinsel town is the alleged sex accusations against X-Men director Bryan Singer. Michael Egan has accused not only Bryan Singer, but three additional men. Garth Ancier, David Neuman, and Gary Goddard were all allegedly part of a sex ring in the late 90’s that involved underaged boys and men. Ancier, a former executive at Fox, the WB, and BBC Worldwide, David Neuman was the former V.P. of comedy development at NBC, and Gary Goddard a Broadway producer all are named in the suit. This is a real life soap opera unfolding before everyone’s eyes.


Now to some TV news. Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman as the host of the “Late Show.” CBS CEO Les Moonves said that Stephen Colbert was “the only logical successor.” With support from Letterman himself saying “I can’t think of anybody even a close second,” everyone is looking forward to seeing this new side. Signing a five year deal to begin in 2015 when Letterman resigns, people will surely miss the “Colbert Report”

Finally to Game of Thrones! Everyone by now should know that… SPOILER, Joffrey was poisoned in the most glorious way last week. With Sansa on the run and Tryrion to blame, what will unfold in the coming weeks!!! A reminder that no one is safe and that “All Men Must Die.”

Signing off until next week.

Ariel Paredes is a Contributing Writer for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment. Follow her on Twitter: @RELworld
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