Top 5 Quick Christmas Gifts for Your Significant Other

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A spa gift card could serve as the perfect quick gift idea. (Facebook/Wi Spa)

A spa gift card could serve as the perfect quick gift idea. (Facebook/Wi Spa)

Christmas is just a couple of days of away and we all know there are many procrastinators out there doing some last minute shopping. But, are you having some trouble figuring out what exactly to get your significant other?

Well, I’m here to help you decide what will likely be the best gift to make that person smile.

5. Be Creative

There might be some of you that are balling on a budget so an Christmas gift that you might want to buy someone might be out of your range. But don’t worry, we all know that it’s the thought that counts. Try and come up with something creative for Christmas. Perhaps a silly video with music behind it explaining how much you care about them. What about a mixtape? Or plan a surprising day out to a place they have always wanted to go to. I’m just throwing out ideas, but you get what I’m saying. Anything that makes them believe you put a thought into the gift would gladly be appreciated, I promise.

4. A Spa Day

The year is coming to an end and we have all put endless efforts into our work/career and a spa day would be a perfect way to tell that special someone that they deserve a relaxing day to themselves. Make sure to include an hour message, yoga, and a facial. They will feel rejuvenated and say, “Thank you! God knows I needed that!”

3. Shoes

For men, you can never go wrong with a pair of shoes of their taste. It could either be some running shoes if they’re into fitness, some dressy shoes for work, or simple  soccer cleats if they’re into soccer, etc. For the women, you can either get her some heels, UGGS, running shoes, or boots. This is also a perfect idea for a last minute gift.

2. Clothing

It’s winter time y’all and nothing is better during this time of year than a nice warm winter coat. Fellas, women love to stay warm and if it’s not in your arms, they replace it with clothing. Try and get her a nice sweater with some scarfs or beanies. I promise you they will appreciate it!

1. Electronics

They say the more expensive gift goes for the win. While that might be slightly true, it does not always apply. However, if you are having difficulty deciding to pick the perfect gift I suggest an electronic appliance such as a new phone, iPod, television, Playstation 4 (or any other kind of video games), iPad, Laptop, etc.. will definitely leave your loved one at “awe.” Remember, it does not have to be something ridiculously expensive.

Happy Holidays!

Lizette Ramirez is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle, entertainment and sports. Follow her on Twitter: @LizetteRamirez
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