There’s No One Else Like Draco Rosa

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Photo by Ben Tovar

Draco Rosa, pictured here walking the red carpet on June 19 at the SESAC Latina Music Awards at The Beverly Hills Hotel, will begin a tour come fall 2013. (Ben Tovar/Living Out Loud LA)

In the midst of an elegant ceremony, SESAC carried out its Awards night in Beverly Hills, which acknowledges the songwriters and publishers that contribute to Latin music with their works.

Big stars marched down the red carpet, including Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Robbie Draco Rosa and Spanish singer-songwriter Luz Casal, who spoke of their trajectories in addition to expressing their happiness to be members of this organization that ensures their rights as authors in the U.S.

SESAC is a society that is responsible for representing authors and labels in their rights to be compensated for the public performance of their works. For this purpose, it must be a member of the organization to ensure their interests within the music industry.

For this reason, year-on-year recognition is awarded to the most outstanding feature of the musical scene in what composers and authors refers, and this year was no exception.

Others that walked the red carpet included José Antonio Orozco, Jesús Antonio Torres, Martin Castro, Hernan Soto, Joe Montana, Bibi, and Don Pedro Rivera, among many others.

Luz, just as Draco, a have a great story to share because both are survivors of cancer.

Draco’s latest release, Life, marks his comeback as an artist.

“The album really is thought to be a part of my legacy,” he said. “I got sick several years ago and it really was not my idea to make the album. It was the idea of a friend, a mentor, and a person that I like very much. The help from Sony Music was essential to do this project.”

He also said that the 16 songs that make up the album are a collection of his entire career, which runs from 1993 through 2009. In it, he sings duets with the likes of Shakira, Ricky Martin, Jose Feliciano, Mana, Juan Luis Guerra, Alejandro Sanz, René of Calle 13, among others.

“These are songs from all eras of my career,” said Draco. “It’s simply another time, a rebirth. I had the opportunity and time to review the topics, to change them and re-record them.”

He added, “I feel like I am in a magical moment. I’m happy that there is this album, Life, and that I worked with great composer. The participation of these 16 artists for me is a magical moment.”

Ramon Aviles is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment.
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