Telemundo’s “Camelia La Texana” to Begin Airing February 25

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Dagoberto Gama, Sara Maldonado, Erik Hayser and Andrés Palacios. (Telemundo)

Dagoberto Gama, Sara Maldonado, Erik Hayser and Andrés Palacios. (Telemundo)

Telemundo Media announced the premiere of their new soap opera titled “Camelia La Texana” on Monday at a media event at Willow Studios in Los Angeles. The principal cast as well as writers and producers were present at the event, fielding questions from the many reporters present.

Moderating the event was Azucena Cierco, one of Telemundo’s household names, most famously known for the programs “Un Nuevo Dia” and “Al Rojo Vivo.”

The event began as a classic automobile drove onto the stage in a cloud of smoke to reveal the two main characters, sharing a romantic moment and then a kiss (which foreshadows betrayal revealed later in the storyline.) The two actors then joined the rest of the panel.

“Camelia La Texana” stars Sara Maldonado as Camelia, who is sure to bring this famous character to life. The soap also stars Erik Hayser as Emilio Varela. The supporting cast includes Arcelia Ramírez, Claudette Maille, Joaquín Garrido, Luis Ernesto Franco, Dagoberto Gama and Andres Palacios, who stars as the lawman in pursuit of these drug traffickers, and completes the love triangle in this story.

Over 200 people and close to 100 actors were involved in the making of this soap, which was developed by Campanario Entertainment and Argos Television, and is globally distributed by Telemundo International.

The soap will be directed by Oscar nominee Carlos Bolado and produced by Tita Lombardo, both renowned for their cinematographic accomplishments with Amores Perros and Babel.

In recent years, Telemundo has been at the forefront of Latin soap opera production, as well as Spanish television innovation as a whole. They have developed and produced riveting original series as well as original soaps, and “Camelia La Texana” is no exception. It will feature magnificent shooting locations in Mexico, Los Angeles and San Antonio.

The soap will be set in the 1970’s, and is centered around themes commonly associated with organized crime such as drug trafficking, money laundering, kidnappings, and murders, among other things.

This soap has raised high expectations, as it is founded on great directorial efforts and a distinct script. Overall, the production is very promising, but it remains to be seen if Maldonado can step up and fill the shoes of one of Mexico’s most recognized cult icons.

“Camila La Texana” premiers on February 25 at 10 p.m. on Telemundo.

Ramon Aviles is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment.
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