STAPLES Center has Record Setting 2013 & Named 6th Most Instgrammed Place in the World

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STAPLES Center was recently named the 6th Most Instgrammed Place in the World. (Facebook/Staples Center)

STAPLES Center was recently named the 6th Most Instgrammed Place in the World. (Facebook/Staples Center)

STAPLES Center reached a major milestone in 2013 by hosting a total of 53 concerts, breaking the previous record of 38 concerts set in 2011. This was the year of multiple shows by the same artist at STAPLES Center that helped lead to the recording setting success that included four One Direction concerts, four Taylor Swift concerts, three Depeche Mode concerts, three Beyoncé concerts, three P!NK concerts, two Lady Gaga concerts, three Muse concerts, two Rolling Stones concerts, two Justin Bieber concerts and two Bruno Mars concerts, all which were sold out.

“We are incredibly grateful to all of the artists, agents, managers and promoters who chose to make STAPLES Center as the place for their artist and tours to play in 2013,” Lee Zeidman, STAPLES Center, Sr. Vice President and General Manger. “Southern California is filled with thousands of live music fans that are willing to buy tickets and come downtown to STAPLES Center and L.A. LIVE and make a night out of it to see their favorite artists.”

In addition to the remarkable records set by the 53 concerts, this week STAPLES Center was also named Instagram’s 6th Most-Instagrammed Place in the World for 2013. The top spot went to Siam Paragon (shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand), other notable Southern California locations included Disneyland ranked 3rd and Dodger Stadium ranked 8th. For the full list released by Instagram visit:

Below is a breakdown by the numbers of some fun facts from the 53 concerts at STAPLES Center:

Number of Concerts: 53 (breaking previous record of 38)

Number of Concerts 100% Sold Out: 35

Number of Concerts with over 90% of Tickets Sold: 18

Number of Tickets Sold: Over 751,600

Total Gross: Over $73,762,000

Food & Beverage Numbers:

Beers: 468,000

Hot Dogs: 31,200

Sodas: 156,000

Pretzels: 23,400

Candy: 6,500 lbs.

Pizzas: 25,000

Caramel Apples: 9,000

Margaritas: 156,000

Grey Goose Vodka Drinks: 104,000

Total Gross of Merchandise at Concerts: Over $7.6 million

Number of Songs Performed: Over 1,300 Songs

Number of hours performers/artists were on stage: 178 hours

Number of Semi Trucks loading in and loading out concerts: 490 trucks

Number of stagehands working the 53 concerts: 10,600 stagehands

Number of Chairs Set and Removed on the Floor: Over 66,000 Chairs

Number of Guest Services Team Members per show: 250 per event – 13,250 for all 53 concerts

Number of Security Team Members per show: 130 per event – 6,890 for all 53 concerts

Number of Guest Services & Security Team Members uniforms washed after each show: 380 uniforms washed after each show – 20,140 uniforms for all 53 concerts

Pre-Show Event Briefing with Staff Team Members: 742 (53 shows, 14 separate side pre-event from load-in to load-out)

Facebook Fans have grown by since Jan. 1st, 2013: Over 50,000 new fans

Twitter Followers have grown since Jan. 1st, 2013: Over 28,500 new followers

Instagram Followers have grown since Jan. 1st, 2013: 15,500 new followers

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