Siddhartha Talks Solo Career, Upcoming Album

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Siddhartha is a singer-songwriter of Mexico. (Facebook/Siddhartha Musica)

Siddhartha is a singer-songwriter of Mexico. (Facebook/Siddhartha Musica)

Mexican singer Siddartha will launch his new album El Vuelo Del Pez on January 14th in Mexico City. With this album, Siddartha hopes to solidify his status as a prominent musician in the alternative rock scene.

Siddartha is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco. He’s a young musician who little by little, has paved his way through the industry and has become one of the promising stars of Spanish rock. Nevertheless, he has a long trajectory in the business, most noticeably as the drummer for the band Zoe.

He embarked on a solo career in 2007, and the following year he presented his first production titled Why You?, which earned him a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Vocal Rock Album. In 2011, he launched his second album titled Naufrago, which surprisingly was in the top 5 most sold album on iTunes.

This year, Siddartha recorded what will now be his third album. His single from the album, “El Aire,” has been playing frequently on the radio since October. He describes it as a nostalgic song about the history and break up of a couple. The video for this song was filmed Guadalajara and was directed by Carlos Cruz.

Living Out Loud: Tell us about your new album and the new single. Will you be revisiting your style from your previous work or will we be seeing a musical evolution?
Siddartha: I like my albums to be attractive, from beginning to end. I don’t like the type of albums that just have a couple great songs, while the rest suck. Each song on my new album adds up to one big creation, just like the pieces of a puzzle. Perhaps this album leans more towards an electronic sound, but it’s full of guitar sounds as well, so the single doesn’t reflect everything you can expect from the album. It’s just a small part.

LOL: In the past, you’ve collaborated with bands such as Zoe. How would you describe the change now that you’re solo?
S: I feel like I’ve embarked on a never-ending search. There is always something new to learn and listen to. I like to think that each album is better than the previous one, since each album is a narrative of a part of my life both professionally and personally. Each new project is a consequence of the previous project, and so I expect to see my work develop and evolve as I go along. It’s important that each new album has a fresh sound and that it satisfies me on a personal level, while being something the fans enjoy and don’t see as repetition with a new name.

LOL: What’s more difficult, working solo or as part of a band?
S: I enjoyed playing with many different bands, but as a soloist I enjoy not having to argue or fight with other band members over decisions made. Also, as a soloist, any mistakes or successes are yours and yours alone. Producing an album is very demanding because I have to do the work that normally 5 or 6 people would be doing collectively. Nevertheless, it’s very enjoyable and rewarding to do a project on your own. It also opens up new frontiers in the industry by producing, recording and arranging as well as singing.

Siddartha concluded by saying that among his musical influences are The Beatles, Soda Estereo, Gustavo Cerati, Depeche Mode and The Cure.

After his album launch, he will embark on a lengthy tour called “El Vuelo del Pez,” which starts in February in Mexico City, where he will perform his new material. For the remainder of the year, he will go on a brief tour through the U.S. He will be performing at Club Los Globos on December 5th, in San Jose on the 6th and in Fresno on the 7th.

Ramon Aviles is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment.
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