Review: Lupita D’Alessio Brings the House Down at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live

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After a 10-year absence, Lupita D’Alessio made her triumphant return to Los Angeles with a magnificent performance Friday night at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live, where she performed her greatest hits and proved yet again, that she’s still one of the best.

The wait for her loyal fans was finally over, and they were treated to a very rejuvenated D’Alessio, who sang with a flawless voice, better than ever.

This performance comes after a long hiatus, prompted by both personal and health issues, as well as a visa suspension to the U.S. due to off-stage incidents. She recognizes a lot of that was her fault, and she attributes her comeback to her relationship with God.

The Mexican singer has been an icon for generations, and her announcement of this performance in Los Angeles generated a lot of buzz and quickly sold out.

D’Alessio looked absolutely radiant in a very elegant pink ensemble, which suited her very well. She opened the show with one of her most beloved songs, “Te Estas Pasando,” and followed with “Leona Dormida” and “Ya No Regreso Contigo.”

Her set was a musical flashback to the 80s, but also highlighted her unique artistic style and strong voice, which have characterized her throughout her career.

The high point of the evening came when she sang “Lo Siento Mi Amor,” as her fans all joined in and completely surrendered to the music.

D’Alessio also addressed her fans, and talked about her return to the stage and this new facet of her life. She also discussed her family and close friends and how fortunate she is to have them in her life. She discussed upcoming projects and her new album.

While she was performing “No Me Preguntes Con Quien,” the stage began to shake as last night’s earthquake hit LA County, yet shockingly no one panicked, nor seemed to even move from their seats, adding to the old adage that “The show must go on.”

D’Alessio did not appear to notice the quake.

After a wardrobe change, D’Alessio continued to sing her greatest hits, including “Acariciame” which garnered her an extended applause, and closed her set with “Mudanzas” to a standing ovations.

The show was a complete success, and not even a 5.1 earthquake could stand in its way.

Ramon Aviles is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment.
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