Review: Last Passenger is a Death Against Race

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Dougray Scott (Lewis) in Last Passenger. (Cohen Media Group)

Dougray Scott (Lewis) in Last Passenger. (Cohen Media Group)

With high-paced action and suspense, Last Passenger tells the story of Lewis, a renowned doctor who decides to take a train ride with his son, Max. However, this seemingly pleasant trip soon turns into a nightmare for them and four other passengers.

Inexplicably, the train begins to miss its designated stops, and its speed increases to over 100 mph. Lewis and the other passengers quickly learn that the conductor has disappeared and that the train has been taken over by a vengeful sociopath who aims to derail it with all occupants inside.

Last Passenger is directed by Omin Noshid and stars Dougray Scott (Lewis), Kara Tointon, Iddo Goldberg, David Schofield, Lindsay Duncan and Joshua Kainama.

It’s been common in recent years for a film to feature some sort of method of transportation whether by land, air or sea, facing off against some sort of sociopath, terrorist or lunatic. While Last Passenger approaches this premise, and has some drawbacks, it does have its strong points.

The film takes place entirely within the cabins of the train, and being able to shoot in such a reduced space is an impressive merit. However, this seems to be eclipsed by the weak script with many dull moments and some action scenes that leave more to be desired.

Visually and technically, the film was very well-made. The special effects are very realistic and not at all exaggerated. Also, the characters interact and resolve their conflicts in very logical ways just like real people.

Still, there are a few things the film never explains, which may be done on purpose to engage the audience by making them imagine what could have happened in certain situations. An example of this is that the film never shows the sociopath on camera. Also, the train starts off full of people, but they inexplicably diminish as the film goes on, never showing when they get off or where.

Eventually only 6 people are left, fighting an invisible enemy.

The character’s personalities are very ambiguously presented, especially those of Goldberg and Schofield. Just when you think they may very well be accomplices in all of this, they become weaker as the film goes on.

The beginning is very slow and somewhat dull, but for those who love mind-bending suspense plots,  it would be worth watching.


Last Passenger
Cohen Media Group
Now playing in select theaters

3 Stars

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Ramon Aviles is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment.
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