REDCAT’s 10th Annual New Original Works Festival Set for July 25-August 10

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The third week of the 10th Annual New Original Works Festival concludes with three new works from Daniel Corral, Morgan Thorson & Meg Wolfe, and Paul Fraser & Deena Selenow ( pictured above). The festival takes place July 25-August 10. (Courtesy of Vincent Richards)

Paul Fraser & Deena Selenow. (Courtesy of Vincent Richards)

With summer in full force, contemporary arts center REDCAT will kick off its 10th Annual New Original Works Festival at its home, the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall complex.

The three-week affair will spotlight Los Angeles’s artist community by featuring nine original works on stage, including dance, theatre, music and multimedia arts. Over the years, it has launched the works of a spectacular roster of artists that continues to grace the stage in the U.S. and abroad.

This year, REDCAT has yet again attracted an impressive cast of artists who will showcase their works over three consecutive weekends. Here are some of the highlights of the sure to be delightfully eccentric New Original Works Festival.

Christine Marie & Ensemble’s 4TRAINS (from Signaling Arcana)
What do you get from combining silent-era cinema and 3D? This live shadow theatrical feat tells the story of the 19th century American industrialization, seen through the eyes of a young couple. Through poetic, visual storytelling and Dan Cantrell’s beautiful score, this silent fable explores the ever scary and exciting promises of the future.

Mecca Vazie Andrews’ Molly Maps Erratic
If Beat novelist William S. Burroughs and actress Whoopi Goldberg had a lovechild, it would this off-kilter show of spoken word and dance by artist Molly Delilah Roundtree.
Subcultures collide in a collective rebellion to deliver this high-energy anthem of liberation and release.

Samantha Goodman’s Depth of Surface
The former Viver Brasil Dance Company member collaborated with jazz pianist Reggy Woods and cellist Isaac Takeuchi to produce this visual and sonic experience. A meditation on the present and the past, the show fuses contemporary Afro-Brazilian and postmodern dancing with live improv.

Jennie Marytai Liu’s Actress Fury
A dramatic journey that explores ambition, three female performers portray one tormented actress who conjures legendary figures, including Joan Crawford. Visual artist Tanya Brodsky and sound designer Mark Nieto and Julia Bembenek collaborated with Jennie MaryTai Liu for this production.

Tyler Matthew Oyer’s 100 Years of Noise: Beyonce is Ready to Receive You Now
Oyer places pop diva Beyonce and early 20th century Italian artist Luigi Russolo in a dysfunctional dialogue across a century. One performed noise music concerts and penned the iconic manifesto The Art of Noises, while the other booty pops for a cola commercial. Guess which one is which.

Paul Fraser, Genevieve Gearheart & Deena Selenow’s Toxikos
Tragic and delightful, this pop-theater event features six female vocalist taking on Sophocles’ Philictetes, one of the only Greek plays completely lacking of women. All of this set to a sonic deconstruction of Britney Spears’ hit “Toxic.”

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