Red Bull Latagráfica Mural Launch Brings Creativity to L.A.

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The Well in downtown Los Angeles played host to Red Bull Latagráfica Edición II Mural No. 5 of 10 Launch. (Marv Watson/Red Bull Content Pool)

The Well in downtown Los Angeles played host to Red Bull Latagráfica Edición II Mural No. 5 of 10 Launch. (Marv Watson/Red Bull Content Pool)

The Well of Los Angeles was home to the Red Bull Latagráfica Edición II Mural No. 5 of 10 Launch on Thursday, May 15. Red Bull Latagráfica was created in 2012 to give local artists the opportunity to create an original artwork and display it on a special edition Red Bull can.

The fifth potential mural that was launched was created by artistic duo the Date Farmers. The event gave these local artists the opportunity to display their talents for many to see on the walls of the gallery.

Carlos Ramirez, half of the Date Farmers, had a humbling experience at the event. When asked how he was enjoying the correlation that exists between his work and the Latagráfica competition, he responded, “Just to be able to partake in this [contest] and give a message is awesome in itself. Anything beyond that is a bonus.”

With the theme of “puedes” being key in the art competition, Ramirez and his partner Armando Lerma produced their work with a connection to their background culture. Lerma and Ramirez are both of Mexican-American heritage, which is evident in their paintings, collages and sculptures.

“The most challenging thing [as a muralist] is finding that area where you’re able to keep doing what you’re doing,” said Coachella Valley native Ramirez. “I say that not because it’s a business but because so many artists don’t get treated fairly. They get treated as if they’re being done a favor.”

With shrimp tacos and free beverages from Red Bull’s open bar in hand, fans were given the opportunity to see live painting taking place, as well as a music selection by El Dusty. Holographic images were displayed on the walls of the Well and gave a tantalizing and aesthetically pleasing view for attendees that spent the evening in the artistic room.

Production of the pieces on display at the Latagráfica event was a tedious and eye-opening experience for the Date Farmers. When they aren’t entering art competitions and networking with businesses, they combine pop iconography with figures from folklore and comic books.

“The most fun canvas is always [comprised of] things that we found on the floor and repurpose. Like recycled stuff, you take things with no value and add value to it,” shared Ramirez. “It’s crazy how a lot of our art has recycled and re-used materials, but when people see it on a piece they comment thinking it’s beautiful. People walk by art everyday. I try to figure out what that thing is that makes people think that my art is beautiful.”

Muralists gather their inspirations from a variety of mediums and experiences. Ramirez and Lerma draw on influences including Mexican street murals, graffiti, traditional revolutionary posters, tattoos and prison art.

The special evening showcased the works of many talents and officially kicked off the second half of the Red Bull Latagráfica mural launches.

“It is an honor to be noticed by companies,” said Ramirez. “If you looked back 20 years ago, you wouldn’t see this happening. Now that it is starting to happen, a lot of artists battle with that. I think if you’re gonna tell the truth, you gotta tell the truth everywhere. That’s what I do with my art.”

Krystyn Bristol is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering arts and entertainment. Follow her on Twitter: @kryskenobi
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