Oh Snap! The 90s are Big and Back

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With Lorde summoning the spirit of the 1996 movie, The Craft, and Miley Cyrus wearing flannel around her waist, we were bound to be inundated with an influx of 90s related apparel.

The 20 year fashion cycle has come full swing into our mall and closets with ‘90s-inspired styles. The trend began to expand around 2010 with the resurgence of floral skirts and early ‘90s prints and thrifted items being seen on the streets of major cities. Fashion bloggers began documenting this rise and even The New York Times published an article about the trend in 2010 titled, “The New Adventures of Old Elaine” as many women were being seen donning the Seinfeld-esque styles. 1

I believe we have currently reached the height of this trend and should all embrace it before it’s gone. I highly doubt the ‘90s will reach the level of fashion icon-ery as the ‘60s or ‘70s have, so we might as well throw on some high waisted daisy pants and relish in the vibe of the time. If you aren’t going full-on 90210, you should still incorporate a few items into your closet. Small floral prints, Doc Martens, Nirvana t-shirts, flannel and high waists are just a few to consider. Get inspired by a few fashion classics such as Clueless, The Craft, Empire Records, Truth or Dare, and Romeo and Juliet then go out to the mall, put on some Spice Girls and get into it.

In the spirit of the time, I leave you with a list of my favorite 90’s slang (with translations) that you should totally use the next time you lace up some Doc Martens and throw a flannel around your waist instead of your arms:

“It’s cashed” = It’s done
“My bad” = My mistake
“Oh snap!” = Oh man!
“Po Po” = Police
“Quit icing my grill” = Used when someone is getting in your face and you don’t like it
“Talk to the hand” = I don’t want to hear what you’re saying
“Throwed” = Intoxicated
“As if” = In your dreams/yeah right
“Home Skillet” = A good friend

Jaclyn Joan is a Contributing Writer for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment. Follow her on Twitter: @JoanJaclyn
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