Nightmare and the Cat Prevail in Hotel Café Outing

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(Rafael Orellana/Living Out Loud LA)

Nightmare and the Cat performing at Hotel Café Monday, July 25. (Rafael Orellana/Living Out Loud LA)

It wasn’t until near the end of the show that I realized I didn’t want Nightmare and the Cat to leave the stage of the Hotel Café Monday night.

They are musically prolific while performing live. But, at the same time, Nightmare and the Cat make you feel right at home. Their mix of rock, folk and pop figure to be an innovative style of music.

The five-member band simply rocked their way through a seven-track set, filled with futuristic guitar playing and fashionable sounds from the drum set in the background.

Django Stewart serves as the frontman to Nightmare and the Cat, who were signed to Capitol Records in the summer of 2012. He also writes songs along with his brother Samuel Stewart. And their skills in songwriting became an evident aspect of their musical talent when the crowd experienced the group’s rock music.

Nightmare and the Cat opened with “Blackbird Smile,” which carries a mellow entrance but a rather explosive exit. The charismatic Django, who managed to portray his ability in playing the tambourine, dazzled with his vocals. “I’m not afraid anymore,” Django sang in the song’s finale. That right there was electric.

“I’d like to thank everyone for coming,” said Django, who wasn’t afraid to express himself at all. “And to Capitol Records in recording a dream album.”

Django, of course, was referring to the band’s upcoming debut album release. Date of release and album name are unknown, but I can guarantee it’ll be entertaining.

“Desert Heir” followed before “Be Your Own God.” Both tunes were exceptional, and they captivated the audience.

Nightmare and the Cat continued with an additional three songs prior to delivering “Alvarado.”

At that time, the fans didn’t want them to stop performing. I felt the same way!

Set List

“Blackbird Smile”
“Desert Heir”
“Be Your Own God”

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