NFL Super Bowl XLVIII Preview: Denver Broncos Versus Seattle Seahawks

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Can former USC head coach Pete Carroll lead the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl XLVIII victory over the Denver Broncos? (Facebook/Seattle Seahawks)

Can former USC head coach Pete Carroll lead the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl XLVIII victory over the Denver Broncos? (Facebook/Seattle Seahawks)

What can we expect when the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks play in Super Bowl XLVIII this upcoming Sunday?

We have heard all the analysts, writers, bloggers, and other people depict the game for two weeks now. What else is there to be said?

Well, if you are not a sports guru or junky, then this is all new to you. But football goers have been awaiting such a match-up for quite sometime now.

To start out with, Super Bowl XLVIII should be an intriguing game since we have one of the best quarterbacks, Peyton Manning, facing off against one of the most prolific defenses in NFL history. We should have a great chess match between those two and bearing the weather, we should get to watch a great performance by both (in terms of highlights).

Manning’s legacy is pretty much at stake because he needs another Super Bowl win to his resume if he wants to be regarded as the greatest quarterback ever. It’s a bold statement but with two Super Bowl wins, a few league MVP’s, and pretty much all statistical records a quarterback could have, it would be pretty hard to counter argue against Manning as the greatest QB of all-time.

Seattle’s defense will love and cherish this opportunity to stop Manning from improving his legacy. This is how the Seahawks’ defense is wired by beating on the best and showboating after they have accomplished it. Just recall how cornerback Richard Sherman reacts to big team wins.

It is indisputable, though, that as a whole unit the Seattle Seahawks have a great defense and are extremely prideful and will cause havoc against any offense in the NFL. And this could prove to be the case Sunday when they face the Denver Broncos.

On the other hand, Seattle’s offense is very proficient and with quarterback Russell Wilson at the helm, the offense has shown some signs of being a better offense than given credit for. That being said, in the last few games the offense hasn’t really shown much and have just put enough points to win the game and let their defense do the rest. Seattle expects to have wide receiver Percy Harvin back, which should allow them to be a bit more creative offensively. If not and pending the weather conditions, Seattle could always have star running back Marshawn Lynch pounding the ball on the ground.

As for the Broncos’ defense, they are not in the same sentence as the Seahawks’ defense, but they can hold their own as a defensive unit. They played a great game against New England Patriots and stopped Tom Brady and their offense during the AFC Championship game. Denver’s defense will need to play strong and defend the run against Lynch and contend Wilson on the big plays to have an opportunity to win the game.

Head Coaches
Well, many people in Los Angeles know a lot about Pete Carroll due to his stint at USC. Carroll did not have much success in his first try in the NFL with the New York Jets and New England Patriots, but he has done a decent job at Seattle by drafting great players at both sides of the ball. Now, he has the Seahawks in their second Super Bowl appearance and on the verge for their first Super Bowl Championship.

As for John Fox, he did a great job in his previous coaching job of the Carolina Panthers and took them to a Super Bowl in 2003, which was very impressive since the season before the Panthers went 1-15. He has done a superb job coaching the Denver Broncos since 2011 and even made Tim Tebow a playoff winner 2 years ago. In all seriousness, he came back from heart surgery this season and now has his team on the verge of winning a Super Bowl. That is very impressive, to say the least.

Halftime Show
Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are highlighting the halftime show this season. This is Bruno Mars’ first Super Bowl performance. Of late, the halftime show has become an extremely edgy show. Bruno Mars will certainly do his thing and the Red Hot Chili Peppers will definitely rock the stage. But will Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers sing together at some point in the halftime show? This would be interesting to witness.

Commercials are also a big part of the big hame. Let’s hope we have a few good ones. Even if we do not, it is always fun to watch as we laugh and criticize them because it does not fail to think that with that kind of money we can do a better job, perhaps.

The Winner
There is no clear favorite and I believe it is a tossup, which should generate an overall fascinating game. But my gut feeling says the Seattle Seahawks will come out victorious against the Denver Broncos.

Marvin Granados is a Contributing Writer for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle, entertainment and sports.
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