Morrison Hotel Gallery to Present Dave Stewart: Jumpin’ Jack Flash & The Suicide Blonde

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On top of being a musician, songwriter and producer, Dave Stewart is also a photographer. (Facebook/Dave Stewart)

Morrison Hotel Gallery is presenting a special photography exhibit titled Dave Stewart: Jumpin’ Jack Flash & The Suicide Blonde. It will open to the public on Saturday, July 13th at the Sunset Marquis location.

The Dave Stewart: Jumpin’ Jack Flash & The Suicide Blonde exhibition will feature Stewart’s iconic photographs of Damien Hirst, Demi Moore, Carla Bruni, Björk, Mick Jagger, Sinead O’Connor, Orianthi, Joss Stone and more, including new and unseen photos, according to a prepared statement.

“I’ve always been obsessed with visual imagery since I was a child,” said Stewart via the prepared statement. “These portraits were mostly taken in my apartment, I don’t know how or why these shoots came together – usually it was just part of a continuing conversation or a spur of the moment thing. I’m always taking photos or filming stuff for no reason other than to document what is going on around me. It’s a kind of re-assurance to myself that these things did actually happen.”

Stewart is an English musician, songwriter and record producer, best known for his work beside Annie Lennox in Eurythmics, one of the most successful pop-rock duos of all time. Beyond his creative work in the music industry, Stewart is also a renowned author, director, filmmaker and photographer. His career spans three decades and over 100 million album sales.

Additionally, Dave has produced albums and co-written songs with Stevie Nicks, Mick Jagger, Bono, Joss Stone, Bryan Ferry, Gwen Stefani, Tom Petty, Damian Marley and more, earning numerous Golden Globe and Grammy Awards along the way.

“Dave Stewart is one of the more creative musicians/artist/photographers working today. He continues to produce mind blowing things at a very fast pace. He is always doing something – sound, video, photography, film and music. Working with others on projects. He is a creative powerhouse to watch when it comes to his photography and we are very pleased to present him in this exhibit,” said Timothy White, gallery co-owner and photographer.

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