Malawi Arango, Marco Peña Discuss Beauty, Hair Tips for Fall Season

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Colombia-born Marco Peña, who resides in Miami, is a well-respected celebrity hair artist.

Colombia-born Marco Peña, who resides in Miami, is a well-respected celebrity hair artist.

It was a windy day on Tuesday in West Hollywood.

Despite the annoying traffic, I arrived to The London West Hollywood hotel excited and ready to experience a fruitful time of dialogue regarding beauty and hair trends for this Fall season. This instance allowed for me to chat with beauty expert Malawi Arango and hair expert Marco Peña.

They both came from Miami, along with The Dream Team Agency publicist Laura Mejia Cruz. Interestingly enough, all three are Colombians. Just imagine me in a room full of infectious Spanish Colombian accents, vibrant demeanor, cheerful laughter, vivid smiles and optimism all over the place.

Yes, that was my day. I went on to sit down with them. And I asked, “How do you feel about being in Los Angeles?”

“It’s very cool,” says the humble Marco, who sported black pants and shoes, and a catchy dark teal sweater. “Los Angeles is a marvelous city and it’s always great to be back and connect with the environment. Being here is wonderful.”

Malawi Aragon is an expert in beauty and makeup.

Malawi Arango is an expert in beauty and makeup.

“I’m very happy to be here sharing and enjoying this with all sorts of people, in a new environment,” the gorgeous Malawi adds. “It’s my second time in Los Angeles, and I’m getting as much out of it as I can.”

What would she recommend to the general public of LA?

“For this Fall, the preference will tend to be for darker, earth-toned colors,” she says. “And gold. Always with their black tones. Eye makeup will be in fashion. Upper and lower eyelids, etc. Nail polish will be prevalent, as well as clear, healthy and radiant skin.”

I just stared at her beautiful eyes without even uttering a single word, and before continuing with Marco.

Marco’s hands have touched the likes of singers Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Juanes, and Paulina Rubio, as well as actresses Adamari Lopez and Eva Longoria, and the well-known Kim Kardashian. There’s no denying that Marco’s quite the talented guy. A large load of artists have gone on to trust his hands.

For some unknown peculiar reason I asked him about blonds and brunettes. It was an instinct, I suppose. Marco didn’t hesitate to answer though.

“Preferences lean in completely opposite directions,” he says while I notice his passion of hair within his mannerisms. “For brunettes, which are extremely common in Latin American communities, I would recommend focusing on how the hair falls. This hair tends to be very thick, so you have to add layers so the fall seems more natural and doesn’t seem too heavy. Color is also very important, because it’s a way to bring light. Browns make it seem more light, so it’s important to try different shades of browns.

But what about the blondes?

“Blond is a wonderful tone, and women feel sexy when they use it,” he adds. “It’s a very sexy color that attracts a lot of attention. Any hair style that you do on blond hair looks fabulous. The waves look great. Darker hair registers very heavy in the light spectrum, so that also makes blond hair ideal for creating new styles.”

I was just in awed with that informative, yet descriptive response.

After chatting of women, I managed to inquiry about men. Marco noted that the hair is the frame for the face, and it helps complement their personality. He also mentioned that men should just try to find the style they feel most comfortable in, but that also reflects the type of lifestyle they are leading.

“Please go on,” I said to myself in complete silence.

He did, sounding off like the true professional that he is.

“Hair should be clean cut and clean, not messy,” says Marco. “Men should take care of their hair just as well as women do, and it’s very important to keep at home a line of products that will help you tend to your hair properly. Straight hair is in this season.”

This is specially the case in women, according to Marco.

“It’s a style that complements just about anyone. You can even do it at home, just know it is important to have a line of product that will help you keep the straight hair as luxurious as possible for as long as possible. It also allows you to mix up your hair styles more. One day you can let it down, the next day you can wear a ponytail, the next day you can wear braids, and so on,” he shares.

The nonchalant Malawai sat next to Marco watching him speak so eloquently.

The city of Los Angeles, the second-largest market in the U.S., serves as a home to multiple students at the high school and college levels (including UCLA and the University of Southern California).

“I would recommend taking good care of your skin,” she quickly answers when asked about what she’d suggest to the ladies in high schools and colleges. “Don’t let it go too long with dry or opaque skin. Preventative treatments should start at an early age. I recommend a treatment that helps hydrate, humidify, and clear your skin of impurities.”

Malawi, however, had additional beauty tips for women:

For instant radiant skin this Fall season, the hottest protects are multi-taskers. POND’S ® Luminous Finish BB+ is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, moisturizing and contains a unique pigment system designed to instantly conceal imperfections.

According to Malawi, it’s extremely important to use a product that not only moisturizes skin and provides an even skin tone but that also protects the skin from harmful rays that can create dark spots. She recommends to use a product with SPF like POND’S ® Luminous Finish BB + which has SPF 15.

TRESemmé Keratin hair products.

TRESemmé Keratin hair products.

Also, to maintain a flawless complexion, it’s important for women to remove their makeup when they get home. The POND’S ® Luminous Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes gently remove trapped makeup and impurities to brighten dull skin.

After talking about several other topics of hair and beauty, I came to a personal conclusion that both Marco and Malawi are the best at what they do. Both live and work in Miami, a city that’s perfect for their lives, said Marco while he cut and re-styled my natural curls.

“Everyone should choose a shampoo suitable for their hair type,” he says to me while his magical hands worked on my curly top. “For example, if you have curly hair with frizz, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth leaves your hair straight and very shiny for up to 48 hours.”

Marco’s favorite product is Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray, which creates a protective barrier that insulates heat permitting you to use your favorite appliances with no problem.

In recent years, Marco has become the artist behind the stars – capable of transforming faces through breathtaking hairstyles and looks. And the same can be certainly said of Malawi, who prepped Laura’s face to perfection before they made their way to lunch.

That was my cue to go.

After taking a rapid look at my new hair style, the parting began. I hugged Marco goodbye before gently cheek kissing both Malawi and Laura.

I left the hotel room and soon arrived at the lobby. One attractive blond woman looked at me and briefly smiled.

She said, “Nice hair.”

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