L.A. Lakers: Misery = Motivation

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In a season full of franchise worst’s and low TV ratings, Los Angeles Lakers fans are struggling to latch on to what could possibly be the new Lakers.

With no big stars on the court and nothing but doctor updates to be excited about, Lakers games are down 49 percent from last year, according to Rick Kissell of Variety.com. Last year TWC SportsNet averaged 390,000 viewers compared to only 199,000 this year.

In the past two years fans have seen stars come and go from L.A., dealt with the passing of a legend and the reality that one may never be the same. It’s been a struggle that many fans have never encountered before; no superstar and a losing season.

While their Staples Center tenants gear up for the playoffs, the Lakers hold the second worst record in the West.

L.A. is 25-48 on the year and is coming off a fresh 36-point loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. No Kobe Bryant, no Pau Gasol and no leader to shut down individual basketball and in-game tryouts for next season.

Pretty much everyone is on a one-year contract, and it is unclear what jerseys will be on sale come off-season. If I had to guess I would say Swaggy P and Jodie Meeks are safe.

But I don’t think all the swag in the world could save the Lakers from having another losing season next year. Mike D’Antoni’s offensive mindset has led to a lack of defense and the Lakers riding the injury bench instead of a winning streak.

In all honesty, Laker fans should be questioning their original solution that trading Gasol was the answer. Now the Lakers would be lucky if they don’t lose him to free agency.

Gasol recently missed the Lakers mini-road trip due to vertigo.

For those who don’t know, vertigo is a sensation of whirling and loss of balance. Vertigo is associated particularly with looking down from a great height. In the Lakers case it would be looking up and seeing how far they’ve fallen this year.

Aside from describing Gasol’s diagnosis, it seems the perfect description to the Lakers season.

Throwing the week in rewind the Lakers have only won two of their last eight games and gave up 143 points to Minnesota, which set a franchise record for the T-Wolves. Earlier in the week, Nick Young was robbed while he was working. Young said they stole $100,000 worth of items including his Yeezys.

It seems just when things can’t get any worse they do, on the court and off.

Even Bryant tweeted out during the Lakers-Minnesota game, “This is game is hard to watch.” Clearly people agreed as the seven-word tweet was retweeted 5,434 times, while 5,069 people hit the favorite button.

I know Bryant is building up momentum and keeping track of doubters, but he has his work cut out for him and he can’t do it by himself. Misery = Motivation or so he says.

Well with about 10 games left, most which are against teams above .500, the Lakers can gladly hand Bryant and Laker fans more motivation for next year.

Elisa Hernandez is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and sports. Follow her on Twitter: @EBHernandez_LA
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