Juicing in Today’s Hectic World

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Juicing is healthy. (Nicole White/Living Out Loud LA)

Juicing is healthy. (Nicole White/Living Out Loud LA)

The health benefits of juicing are becoming more evident; everyday-juice bars are popping up everywhere. So, you ask, what is the craze with this ‘juice’ thing all about?

As we shuffle around in Los Angeles, driving in traffic, working 1-3 jobs, texting, emailing, and living in a technological society that at times can be completely overwhelming….what can we possibly reach for to really and truly keep us going?

Most of the time, it’s caffeine with the morning cup of coffee, tea, latte, or some weird energy drink-and without it-oh no! How will we get through the day without them? Then, at 2 p.m., we find ourselves reaching for yet another cup of caffeine. I’m not saying give up your morning cup of joe, but, once in awhile, replacing it with a delicious, freshly squeezed juice might make you feel a whole lot better, and is incredibly healthier.

Who knows? You may even give up that morning cup of coffee.

Benefits of Juicing. Increased energy, getting the immediate nutrients from fruits and vegetables that maybe we would not normally get (even from supplements), cardiovascular health, reduced risk or cancer, and healthy glowing skin and hair.

How many servings of fruit and vegetables are you really getting a day, anyway? Think about it. That’s a lot of salads and fruits.

So, the easy solution to this problem is juicing, and there are many options.

Start a Juice Practice. You can buy a juicer ,which range from $40-$300. There are two types of juicers: Centrifugal (which uses a blade) and Pressed (which crush then press the juice). A juicer is a great investment to any kitchen. There are also numerous, delicious recipes for juice, online and in raw and vegan cookbooks, and, as I mentioned, you can just experiment at your local juice bar.

Too Busy? Buy Your Juice Fresh. You can also go to a local health food restaurant, juice bar, or nearby Whole Foods to try a variety of juices, and pick them quickly and easily on the go. Now that you are ready to maybe try a juice, my ultimate recommendation is a juice that has apple and carrot in it, which gives it a sweet taste. When you first start juicing, going with an all green juice (with kale, etc.) is pretty strong, and takes some taste-bud-adjusting and getting used to. You just have to find the one that works for you, and you will soon become as hooked on juice as your morning latte at Starbucks.

Instead of the drive-thru burger, soda, and fries because you are in a rush, stop in at Whole foods and order a quick juice. They have pressed juices that are already packaged and cost about $8. Most likely, you are going to spend that at the drive-thru anyway. Here, you will save your health, time and calories.

If you know you’re going to have a really hectic day, simply buy or make the juice the day or night before and refrigerate  it.

Yes, the health benefits of juicing are to drink it right away but if it means skipping the weird energy drink and burger the next day or nothing at all, you will have your delicious juice all ready to go. If you have a juicer, make a juice and put it in a mason (glass jar with sealed lid) and refrigerate. juicing2

You can pack your juice in a lunch box with a chiller, and it’s good to go all day. Believe me, if you allow it to be, juicing is a great, mindful way to really start both watching and enhancing your eating habits.

Trust me, you will thank me next time you are sitting in your car and someone cuts you off in traffic…you may even find yourself smiling!

Recipe for Busy Day Juice
2 red apples (preferably organic)
3 stacks of celery
3 carrots
1 tablespoon of spirulina powder (available at Whole Foods)

Add all ingredients into juicer, and juice into a tall glass. Enjoy!

Nearby Juice Bars
Juicy Ladies in Woodland Hills
Sun Life Organics in Malibu and Thousand Oaks
Pressed Juicery in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Downtown, and Brentwood

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