Jason Derulo’s Back At It Again

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Jason Derulo today dropped his digital production, Tattoos. (Courtesy of Derrick Santini)

Jason Derulo today dropped his digital production, Tattoos. (Courtesy of Derrick Santini)

Jason Joel Desrouleaux is, simply put, a fun guy.

The Miami-born 24-year-old possesses a charming smile that’s beyond adorable, to say the least.

His thirst for fashion is insatiable. His talents are evident. His charisma’s an asset. His work ethic could probably even top that of Lakers’ Kobe Bryant.

And he’s also got a stylish and beautiful girlfriend in Jordin Sparks.

But not everything has been a sweet ride for this Haitian-American singer-songwriter, actor and dancer, whose better known as Jason Derulo.

In early 2012, Derulo was performing an acrobatic move when he fell on his head and fractured a vertebra in his neck. The injury was so severe that it kept him out for a while.

But he’s back at it again, though. Today he dropped his Tattoos EP via digital retailers in the US.

“I’m good. Can’t complaint,” said the humble man.

And earlier this summer, Derulo jumped back on stage when he performed on May 11 at KISS-FM’s Wango Tango at the venue formerly known as The Home Depot, which is now called StubHub Center.

“That was my first show back. I was nervous as shit,” he said before smiling a bit. “Having to do a full show like that was a bit nerve wrecking backstage. But once I got on stage, it was all good. I had a great time.”

For Derulo, it was imperative to have a support system: family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, and others.

“It was instrumental in how quickly I was able to bounce back,” he said. “The fact that I had that support system from a lot of different angles: my fans, my music, and my loved ones. It helped me to stay sane. It helped me to continue to work hard at my craft…Everything was about getting better and getting back to what I do.”

Tattoos includes his fourth Top 5 single “The Other Side,” the international jam “Talk Dirty” featuring 2 Chainz, his official second single “Marry Me,” title-track “Tattoo,” and the sultry duet “Vertigo” featuring Sparks.

“Every song has to do with my life,” said Derulo. “And things that I go through, you know. Some of the songs are just fun songs that I needed as a pick me up. Sometimes when you’re down, you know, you don’t need to write a song about being down. You need a song that’s a pick me up, and it makes you feel good. So, there’s some of that in there. There’s just a bunch of me. I feel like this album is a direct representation of who I am, which is that person that can fit in any group.”

Ammo, Ricky Reed, Jonas Jeberg, DJ Frank E and Today, and Jared Lee round out the list of producers for the five-song EP.

Derulo’s proud of this production because it resembles a diverse, yet in-depth view of him both professionally and personally.

“You have a song like ‘The Other Side’ and then you have a song like ‘Talk Dirty’, which are the total opposite,” he said. “And, you know, you also have the song ‘Marry Me’ that’s completely different from those two. There are different dimensions.”

When Derulo was in high school, he said he would hang out with anybody. And that’s what this EP is like.

Since his self-titled debut and touring with Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas, Derulo’s become a global force selling over 15 million tracks domestically and 25 million worldwide due to a string of Top 10 singles: “Watcha Say,” “In My Head,” “Ridin’ Solo”, “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” “It Girl,” and the latest, “The Other Side.”

“It’s a big world out there, man,” he said. “And I’ve been blessed to have my music spread across the world.”

Derulo’s big not only on music, but in fashion as well. He says that he’s got tons of shoes and hats stored in his home, and some of those items probably won’t ever be used.

“On stage it’s a little bit more of in your face,” he said. “It’s somewhat of the same that I wear day-to-day. It’s a little more in your face and a little more flashy. Through the years I had to kind of learn the time and the place for every different outfit.”

He said that when he was 19 years old, he was simply trying to find his way.

“It’s been a hell of a ride from that perspective. I’m really into fashion, man. I’m really into clothing.”

But does he listen to his loved ones on fashion, or are the ideas all his?

“I ask for people’s opinion,” he said. “I be like ‘how does this look, or what do you think about this?”

“And he doesn’t listen,” said a somewhat hidden Sparks from the back of the room where the interview was conducted.

When Sparks uttered those words, Derulo simply laughed.

So, does he give tips to his significant other on what she should wear? “Absolutely. Of course,” he said

“That’s why we are late all the time,” added Sparks, referring to them taking their time in choosing outfits before arriving to events.

“We definitely tell each other,” he said. “I mean you want to look good for your partner.”

Staff Reporter Lizette Ramirez contributed to this story.

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