Interview: Venezuelan Songstress Mariana Vega Serves as Special Guest on Los Amigos Invisibles’ Tour

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Mariana Vega recently collaborated with Los Amigos Invisibles on stage at the Roxy.

Mariana Vega recently collaborated with Los Amigos Invisibles on stage at the Roxy.

She has a smile that’s too cute for words. She uses it to her advantage while on stage performing live; but it really does come out naturally.

It’s probably just in Mariana Vega’s DNA, given that she’s from Venezuela – a country that year after year produces more musical talent and ridiculously gorgeous women. But the Caracas-born, 30-year-old music gem, who now lives in Miami, doesn’t really pay much attention to any of that. She is who she is simply because she loves music.

In 2014, Vega won the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. That led to more exposure: organic promo, gigs and industry recognition, among other things.

Venezuelan funk/Latin jazz band Los Amigos Invisibles recently invited Vega to serve as a special guest on their short, but musically enlightening six-city tour dubbed Gozadera Acústica American Tour with stops in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, New York and Boston.

“We are compatriots who have known each other for quite some time,” says Vega. “I’ve sang many times with them in the past.”

She also says that she’s happy about the chance to be part of the tour, an invite she said yes to without hesitation.

Los Angeles’ concert took place on Sunday, July 26, at the Roxy in West Hollywood, Calif., and the packed venue saw Vega collaborate with the peppy group on three tunes: “Vivire Para Ti,” “Cuchi Cuchi” and “Si Estuvieras Aqui.”

“[The fans] have given us a beautiful reception,” says Vega. “I myself have had a good time.”

“Vivire Para Ti” carries a 1970s disco feel, an element that matched quite well with Vega’s soothing vocals. While “Si Estuvieras Aqui” further conveyed that both acts should work together more often, the crowd favorite was “Cuchi Cuchi.” The youthful, playful track’s upbeat tempo cultivated an invigorating ambiance.

“I enjoy singing all three songs,” acknowledges Vega.

The on-stage chemistry between Vega and the band’s frontman, Julio Briceño, is musically powerful.

Vega agrees.

“It seems like we’ve done it for a long time, but that isn’t the case,” she says. “They’re very experienced and make you feel like a part of them, so the chemistry flows easily.”

After all, Vega’s torn, black fitted pants, cream-colored tank top and black Panama style hat added a luminous spark to her personable demeanor during the performance.

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Marvin Vasquez is a Senior Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle, entertainment and sports.
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