How to Coachella from Home

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Well it’s finally here…the city of Indio is preparing for the music festival of the year. Everyone around you is doing their final shopping, confirming reservations, and catching up on the last ten bands no one has ever heard of.

Whether your friends bailed, you work weekends or simply couldn’t commit to the payment plan Coachella offers, you still don’t have a ticket.

No sweat! There is still time to snag an overpriced ticket from a creepy Craigslist vendor. Hey, I even saw an add posted by a gentleman offering a free ride, camping spot and ticket, all you have to do is be his “Coachella girlfriend.” Unfortunately, some of his requirements are “Must wear jeans skinnier than mine” and “Must have a C cup or greater.”download

The closer the weekend comes the stronger the smell of desperation gets. Don’t feel forced to submit if it’s not in your hand of cards this year. Music is supposed to make you feel good, not stress you out. Below you can find 6 easy steps to having your own Coachella at home (without the sunburn) so, pick a day between Friday-Sunday that you can dedicate to grooviness!

1. Invite your friends: I guarantee you are not alone. Make a guest list of all the people you want want to spend the day and night with. Who could turn down the first day fade of 2014, especially if you don’t have to sit in the car for two hours to get there. If you don’t have a patio large enough to host your friends, maybe someone else will be open to hosting while you do all the planning. One thing Coachella doesn’t have is a pool, so find one; it’s an automatic good time. Los Angeles is heating up and that’s a fact. This is your opportunity to get the perfect tan!

2. Get the wardrobe: Let’s face it, half of the fun is dressing up. Dig in your closet and find your old favorite band tee, go to the thrift store and find shorts with a wild print, or splurge big on that swimsuit you have been wanting. Fulfill your hipster needs; go window shopping or go fashion blog surfing. I personally did this and here is one the best pieces of advice I found: “My suggestion: always choose something cotton or linen, and if you can, try to find ones with loose-fitting waistlines…I think the relaxed fit is ideal because it keeps its shape, accentuating the body without being incredibly restricting or uncomfortable.” – Tallulah Willis for The Clothing Coven, on the perfect Coachella sundress. And guys, this is the perfect day to wear that vulgar tee/tank you have been saving.

3. Make a playlist, or five: The best part of your music festival will be the music, obviously! Since there is no waiting around for bands to set up, squishing between strangers sweaty bodies, and being uncomfortable from standing in your concert vans all day, you are certain to have the ultimate listening experience. Unlimited good vibes. Take a look at the set-list and get inspired. Don’t forget to leave room for your guests to make requests and suggest bringing their old iPods for when the sun is setting and you need to put on some throwbacks.

4. Food & Drinks: carnival food and cheap beer have never gone so well together. Take a trip to Costco and have a frenzy. You wont regret buying in bulk when the late night munchies hit. Check out Pinterest if you have time to get crafty! I found recipes for Vodka gummy bears and killer home made freezer popsicles.

5. Make a schedule: Even hippies need a little organization. Plan out your day to night party with music before hand to be entertained the whole day. Try playing a game of volleyball or smashing a watermelon for some Instagram worthy moments. Throw some glow sticks in the pool once the sun has disappeared then let the dancing begin! Go hard and don’t be afraid to work up a sweat. I can’t mention enough how important your playlist selection will be at this time. So choose wisely.

6. The only thing left to do is sleep under the stars: How ever you choose to do it, this is a must! You can build a fort, set up a tent, or just take out your old sleeping bag with a pillow. By this time you will be pooped, and have a great night sleep regardless of it being spend on the ground.

For the first time ever you can actually watch Coachella 2014 live, both weekends via & AXS TV + Jason Bently will host artist interviews. We know that nothing quite compares to the real deal but whose to say you can’t still have a kick-ass weekend? The greatest things about your Coachella themed party is that; you won’t have post concert depression, just a mild hangover and you won’t be in the running for a heat stroke, just mild tan lines.

From one tripster to another, have a rad weekend!

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