A Glass of Styletini

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Reading Styletini is the best possible alternative to working with a personal stylist. This book is meant for every female; whether you have a natural knack for fashion or maybe are not so style savvy, help yourself and everyone around you!

Shopping in Los Angeles is intimidating enough, luckily this handy-dandy apparel bible does all the work one should do before going on the hunt for the perfect blazer or pair of skinny jeans. Let Ashley Martini distinguish when and where you should do your splurging, if you don’t have time to research yourself; after all, she has been all over the world collecting her vogue intellect. Touch up on what accessories you shouldn’t live without, peek at dozens of appearance references and even hit base on men’s essentials.

This fashion manual holds information that wont easily leave your brain, it will store in the back of your mind until it’s needed, then you’ll thank your lucky style stars that you took the time to slip into this vital info gathering mode. If perfecting your outside isn’t convincing enough reason to take a sip of Styletini, the confidence boost that comes complementary should do the trick (just like a real martini).

Being someone who doesn’t have much time to put a noticeable amount of effort into my everyday get-ups, it feels like Martini has all the little secrets for my body shape and my age to achieve my full style potential. I applied the thoughtful advice to my own closet and completely maximized my wardrobe. It was as if she was right there next to me!

So don’t waste any more time, “Shake up your style, and stir up your confidence.” You wont regret picking up the quickest and most affordable consultation Ashley Martini has to offer.

Styletini is currently available. For more information, visit ashleymartini.com.

Jocelyn James is a Staff Reporter and Photographer for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and culture.
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