Coachella’s Biggest Fashion Trends

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As Coachella’s first weekend comes to an end, whether you attended the massive 3-day music festival or watched all the action from Instagram, you’ll notice several fashion trends.

Some spectators went boho chic, as others a little more rock and roll. My favorites were more of the modern day hippie, boho chic type girl. Celebrities like Sienna Miller, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Poppy Delevigne were definitely in the spirit and dressed the part. Reminiscent of Woodstock, these celebs brought their inner wild child out with flower headbands and all. Here are some of the major trends from Coachella 2014.

The Fringe Crop Top - Although crop tops are hugely fashionable nowadays, this specific style is very boho chic with the light weight fabric and fridge. Multiple celebrities, as well as other spectators, opted for this version under the hot desert sun.

Floppy Hat - Rachel Zoe and Jennifer Lopez wore these hats years ago; they have steadily made their way back into pop culture. What better way to keep the sun from your face than this popular leather floppy hat?

Suede Ankle Booties - From the late 1960s to the modern ankle bootie, these shoes have made a comeback. More and more opted for this type of shoe than a flat sandal for the festival. Whether you chose the sling back bootie or the lace up one, you’ll be in style this summer season.

Cutoff Denim Shorts - These are a definite must have this summer. Hilary Duff and Cara Delevigne wore these with a tee shirt but can also be paired with a crop top for a more modern day hippie look.

Kimono - Kendall Jenner wore a lace black floor length once on day 2 with tiny black shorts. This is personally my favorite trend. For an every day look I would probably get a cream colored or floral kimono with cutoffs or a nice pair of leggings and cotton v-neck shirt.

Flower Headband - You’ve seen these everywhere right but when is it the right time to wear these? This is it! What better venue to wear a flower headband than Coachella. I personally don’t own one but if I did, I would probably get one with smaller flowers as bigger ones can overpower your look.

Now that we dissected the Coachella look, what is your favorite trend? Remember these trends will carry on to summer so go ahead and release your inner hippie and get some of these essentials.

Lupita Woo is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter: @LupitaWoo
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