Cinco Santos Give Intimate Performance at La Cita Bar

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Cinco Santos performing on Thursday, December 5 at La Cita Bar in Los Angeles. (Ramon Aviles/Living Out Loud LA)

Cinco Santos performing on Thursday, December 5 at La Cita Bar in Los Angeles. (Ramon Aviles/Living Out Loud LA)

Cinco Santos, together since 2009, is a music group composed of members from 5 corners of the world. Their truly unique style is due to their fusion of rock, punk, pop, flamenco, and today’s urban rhythms.

They presented their new album Azucar y Amor during a performance last week at the La Cita Bar in Los Angeles.

Their unique style originates from the musical and cultural influences each member brings to the table, and this is without a doubt their signature trait. The group consists of Lorenzo Montero (composer/arranger) from Canada, Jesse Stern (bassist) from the U.S., Daniel Jimenez (vocals) from Colombia, Emiliano Almeida (drums) from Argentina and Willard Lozano (guitar) from Mexico. They live and have their base of operations in Los Angeles.

In an exclusive interview for Living Out Loud, they talk to us about their musical concepts and the message they wish to share.

“The idea behind the group is to get 5 musicians together with the same passion and dedication to music and blend all of our influences together to form a truly unique sound,” said Montero.

Being such a multi-faceted group, they claim it is difficult to place them within any particular genre, since they aim to unleash all of their individual contributions in perfect harmony.

“It’s difficult defining a genre we fit in. We aim to blend our individual sounds together, and we want the result of that to be a sound that’s associated with world music in general. We each bring sounds from our home countries and Cinco Santos is just a blend of it all,” said Jimenez.

Cinco Santos is still in its infancy, and the public is still getting to know them. Everything has come step by step, and they are beginning to see recognition on several forums and performances in the U.S., particularly here in Los Angeles. They are also promoting the first single from the album by the same name. This song is characterized by its flamenco feel which makes it great to dance it, and very catchy.

Without a doubt, it was a very lively night. Cinco Santos knows how to play for an audience and their music speaks for itself. Their experience, musical knowledge and drive to share their music make this a very promising musical group.

The official launch of the album will be in spring 2014, by which time they will announce their upcoming shows.

For more information about the band, go to

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