Back-to-School Essentials for Fall 2013

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(Collage by Lupita Woo/Living Out Loud LA)

This year's back-to-school essentials include a little bit of everything. (Lupita Woo/Living Out Loud LA)

Summer is almost over and for all of you college students, the dreaded back-to-school date is fast approaching. Here are a few essentials that I came up with.

1. The Fashion – This may be the most important for all of us girls. Whether it’s your first day of your freshman year in college or the first day of graduate school, we all want to be cute and comfy. Wear skinny jeans or leggings paired with a crop top or a tank. Use a colorful or neon bandeau top to give your outfit a bit of color and attitude. Always bring a hoodie or a sweater as we all know it gets cold in those lecture halls.

2. Survival Kit – As a part of your college survival kit, one must always have 5 things: water, lip balm, shades, body spray and headphones. You might also want to include hand sanitizer, as you may be touching a lot of door knobs or simply just to clean up after a lab class.

3. Shoe Game – Okay, this is purely optional but shoes always make things better. Wear comfy Nike Free Run shoes or Converse high tops as a quick and stylish option. To dress up your look, you can always throw on some combat boots with  your skinnies or leggings, and they’ll look great either way.

4. School Supplies – I saved the best for last. What better way to showcase your personality then to accessorize your school day with super cute supplies. Target and other supply stores carry all kinds of neon and pastel notebooks to suit your style. Purchase colorful pens and highlighters to spice up your notes. And of course having a cute floral or neon backpack will complete your look.

By adding all these essentials to your daily college routine, you will look great while studying and running around campus.

Until Next Time, Stay Gorgeous

Lupita Woo is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter: @LupitaWoo
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