Across the Universe: Cuban Singer-Songwriter Diana Fuentes

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Diana Fuentes, one of the most promising young singer-songwriters out of Cuba, has left her homeland to pursue an international career with her upcoming album, Planeta Planetario, and its single, “Será Sol.”

Fuentes began studying ballet when she was 3 years old at the Ballet Nacional de Cuba and continued her performing arts education in piano and choral studies at the Conservatory of Music Alejandro Garcia Caturla and the National Art School.

“I studied music and graduated in Cuba, but didn’t begin to do it professionally until 2001 with Grupo Síntesis, who are very famous and highly regarded in my country,” she informs. “That’s really where my passion for singing emerged. I wrote my own music and truly had a project of my own.”

Fuentes also speaks about how her family is not a musical one, but they supported her fully when they realized this was her true calling.

“No one at home ever had an affinity for music. My mother’s in medicine and my father’s an engineer, but nevertheless they always supported me. I made a film five years ago, and they had a chance to see my passion for acting and have offered me all their support in that as well.”

Her first album, titled Amargo Pero Dulce, was released in 2009. Produced by Descemer Bueno, the album featured works by Carlos Varela, as well as songs of Fuentes’ own composition. She considers this project the start of her musical career.

“I did all that in Cuba. I’ve lived in Puerto Rico for the last three years, and what I’ve aimed to do is give my work continuity. It’s always hard in the beginning, but I was lucky to have a family of musicians who have helped me to connect with people outside of Cuba,” she says.

An admirer of artists from 1950s and ’60s, in addition to blues and jazz, Fuentes considers herself a pop artist. Yet, with her latest work, she takes a turn towards more alternative and fusion-fueled material. Planeta Planetario is labeled as an eclectic album comprised of alternative pop, hip-hop, afro-cuban beats, ballads, electronica and Jamaican dance.

Planeta Planetario‘s name came about because I believe each of us has their own unique universe. I include myself in that, and I believe in that universe. We keep what makes us happy. In my case, it’s music, and that’s part of my universe,” she says. “The first single is titled ‘Sera Sol,’ and it explores faith, a positive outlook and the change that is inherent in our lives.”

Being so young and with two albums under her belt, Fuentes has defined herself through her own unique style of composing. She discusses what she likes to share through her work.

“I love songs about love and heartbreak. I’m very tragic,” she laughs. “While I don’t go the suicidal route, I believe that those subjects are what move life in this world, and I write extensively about them. All of those experiences influence life and in one way or another; my life experiences come to light. This album is full of those.”

The album, which will be available here in the United States Aug. 19, is produced by Eduardo Cabra (Visitante of Calle 13), and the majority of the songs are composed by Fuentes herself. .

She currently lives in Puerto Rico but begins an extensive tour for the first time in countries such as Venezuela. Although there are not any confirmed L.A. dates at this time, I’m sure we will see her in concert very soon in the City of Angels.

Planeta Planetario will be available Aug. 19. For more information, visit

Edison Millan contributed to this story.

Ramon Aviles is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle and entertainment.
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