10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

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A woman will always love sexy lingerie. (Victoria's Secret)

A woman will always love sexy lingerie. (Victoria's Secret)

Gentlenman, Valentine’s Day is on Friday.

Don’t believe the hype that Valentine’s Day is just a corny holiday because it’s not. So go ahead and make your lady feel special. If you still don’t know what to get your significant other, we have 10 ideas for you.

Flowers and Chocolates
If you really don’t know what to get your girl, or you’ve been dating a girl for a couple of months, go ahead and get her the traditional followers and chocolate. Even though it might not be what she wants, she will still be thankful that you got her a little something. Besides, all girls love flowers.

A Special Card
A Valentine’s Day card is always crucial. Yes, it might be something small and inexpensive, but it’s still very sweet. It shows that you’ve put some thought into picking out the card and writing what your write on the card.

Remembering Your First Date
Reenact your first date. Women love when you remember the small details. Of course, we all know that on the first date you both were probably shy. But now that you’ve known each other for sometime, go ahead and order what she likes off the menu and bring in a small gift, like a rose, and say a little speech on how special she is to you. She’ll love that.

Are you all about the scent of a woman? Lucky for you, women love to smell good. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful scented perfume that will not only make you love the way your ladies smell, but she might have just found her new favorite perfume.

Are you a hopeless romantic? Don’t worry, there’s a lot of you out there. Women love affirmations that contain positivity for relationships. You can try to buy a small couples love letter booklet with lots of quotes and poems that will probably have her in tears and endless smiles.

Looking to spice it up for Valentine’s Day? Planning for some alone time with candles and love-making music? Involving chocolate-covered strawberries? Do you want your lady to look sexy? Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give your girl some sexy lingerie! Not only will she be surprised, but you will be making her feel sexy at the same time. There is no way you are not getting lucky. Enjoy fellas.

Special Dinner
If your girl is a foodie and enjoys a nice dinner every once in a while with you, then make a reservation at a nice, fancy restaurant that both of you have never been to. If you want to have more than just a dinner, you can ask your server that you want a nice little written saying with some chocolate lettering on your girl’s plate with a sweet saying. It could say: Happy Valentine’s Day, Will you be my Valentine?, I Love You!…etc. Write whatever you’d like!

Paying attention to a female can be a little consuming. But you can also pay attention to some materialistic needs she’s been needing. Ever wonder why she’s always wearing the same sweater when you guys go out? Maybe she can’t afford to buy a fancy sweater she’s been wanting. That alone should tell you that a sweater would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sweater it could just be something she’s been needing and not wanting.

Working on a budget? Be creative. Put some thought into the gift you’re getting your girl. You can try and get some balloons and fill them up with helium (as many as you’d like). Use a balloon string to tie them, and with each balloon tape a photograph that will hang down with the string. Once you’ve done that, put the balloons in her room so that when she walks in, she would be surprised.

It’s all about knowing your lady. You should know what she likes and what she dislikes. If your lady is into jewelry, get her a necklace with a heart pendant or earrings.

Lizette Ramirez is a Staff Reporter for Living Out Loud - LA, covering lifestyle, entertainment and sports. Follow her on Twitter: @LizetteRamirez
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